tisdag 22 januari 2013

The summary of ''The Empty School''

The story is about 3 young children that is having a lunch break. They were sitting on gate and then suddenly one of them comes to the others and says that all the children and teachers are suddenly gone. the 2 others thought he was joking and didn't really take it serious but after a while they started to suspect it as there were no children playing and it was all quiet. They went to look for people but didn't find any. neither in the teacherroom.  This is so weird. We didn't get to hear the end but we got some thoughts of how it ended. The persons who is in this story is called, Martin, the one who told them, Meg, one of the persons who were sitting on the gate and then there is the last person but it's anonymous. We never got to see her name.

I made this with Cem and we made it pretty quick.

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