torsdag 5 februari 2015

Engelska Bookcircle

Nauseous - illamående
A Filing cabinet - Ett arkivskåp
Unmasked - demaskerade
entitled - med titeln
Nods - nicka
Disturbed - störd
Reverberate - återkasta, eko
digicam - digitalkamera
expressions - uttryck
intuitions - intuitioner
expectantly   förväntans
pleased nöjd
unprovoked   oprovocerat
murmur - susa
movement - rörelse 
undistinguished - vanlig
shrugged - rycka på axlarna
identities  - idientiteter
concerned - oroad
Salary  - lön

My salary is about 30000 us dollar.
You have the right to express your expressions
my filing cabinet is pretty big and brown.
Where have you been, i’ve been concerned about you.
I just bought a digicam and it was 50% discount.
Sometimes i greet people with a nod.
I am entitled to free school meals.
i feel nauseous every morning before school.
I feel pleased efter she kissed me yesterday.
Why do you murmur all the time?

creative connector
I am this weeks creative connector. I’ve watched an action serie called Prison Break. It does have a bit of connection because Michael who is one of the two brothers and the other brother gets accused for murdering the vice presidents brother and then is proven guilty. He’s in jail and and the brother plans to save him because he got a death sentence. Glen gets bullied in his new class as Michael gets threaten because of their brothers actions. Both of them fight the ’’bullies’’ as well. 

character tracer
I’m gonna describe Will who is the only friend Glen has. He’s a teenager like us and when you are a teenager, you could be very curious. Because he keeps asking where Glen came from and what he does. He lives underground. His favorit subjects are archeology and history as his home reminds us of archeology. They often have fun with each other as well. I think he feels lonely and doesn’t have so great self-esteem because Glen often teases his interests. 

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